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Are You Tired Of Feeling Overwhelmed and Overrun Within Your Own Business?

Burnout is real, especially if you have your own personal mental battles to fight...

I Turned My Mental Health Battles and Fears Into Business Superpowers!

and I'd love to share what I've learned along the way.

After years of being a multi-business owning solopreneur, it became impossible not to feel the tug of burnout!

  • I felt like I couldn't take time off
  • I felt like my hours belonged to my clients more than my family
  • AND I genuinely didn't know how long I could continue to support my clients in the same consistent way

In addition to not feeling like I had control of my business, I was severely undervaluing the most precious asset I have as a solopreneur; my time! When clients wanted to talk a little after business was handled, I would oblige because "the fortune is in the follow-up" - right? 

In August 2022, I had an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial. The trial tested the efficacy of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) in Bipolar 2 individuals with treatment-resistant depression.

The psilocybin trial did wonders for me!

I gained self-compassion, self confidence as an artist, and I generally sum up that experience as having "cured" my depression (if you believe there's such a thing). One of the businesses I own is an alternative healing practice; as a healer, I grew curious why the clinical trial experience was more powerful than any recreational one I had done before. I did an inventory of things to keep that worked from the trial and attempted to recreate my trial experience at home.

The re-creation, in many ways, was a success! I gained invaluable insights from that trip but the most important ones resulted in me finally understanding the purposes of the challenges I had faced in my life. My life has been a Ph.D. program preparing me for the greatest gift I was meant to give through my business! 


Let me explain...

One of My Superpowers...

Both of my businesses were created from a place of passion, and over the years that fire has only grown! ❤️‍🔥 Both for brand strategy AND for alternative medicine.

My biggest mental battle has been my Bipolar 2 diagnosis. With Bipolar 2, one of the symptoms patients experience is something called hypomania. When in a hypomanic state, your thoughts can come at you very loudly. They can also feel like they're coming at you a mile a minute and no matter how much you try to distract your brain, your mind pulls you into your thoughts. 

Why is this a benefit?

One of the benefits of psilocybin is that it helps your brain create new neural pathways, this can be groundbreaking as it allows you to think outside of the box. 

I have had many a night where I've woken up at 3:30 am because my brain wouldn't relax and shut down long enough for me to fall back asleep. My brain will flood me with ideas and new strategies to implement in my business until I write them down and ensure that I will remember them the next day.

How does this benefit you? 

My brain doesn't sleep for my businesses because I have that fire burning in my heart for them ❤️‍🔥 And when you become a client - your business becomes a part of my passion projects!

Another One of My Superpowers,

I was not always this confident to show up as my authentic self. I was afraid that if I mixed passions, I would scare away my business-minded clients if they knew I micro-dosed with magic mushrooms to help elevate my mood.

I was equally fearful that my alternative medicine clients, would feel pressure to talk about business or work if I brought up anything having to do with brand strategy. And that was far from the relaxing environment I tried to create for them when we met. I wanted those clients to feel as though meeting with me was the same as escaping the world for 15 minutes and getting to finally breathe, vent, or say whatever they needed in the space I held for them. 

Because I lacked the confidence to show up as my true self, I overcompensated with knowledge. I felt like if anyone in my business world ever did find out about my alternative remedies to traditional medicine, I could at least fall back on my degree and certifications to show that I was enough to advise them on scaling and growing their business.

So now... I know A BUNCH of stuff to help scale and grow service-based businesses!


The Balanced Business Network + My Superpowers Can

Support You AND Your Business...


It was exhausting trying to keep both businesses separate! I always felt like I was hiding a piece of myself in either business. This is the MAIN REASON I am so EXCITED to be a part of The Balanced Business Network™ as your Holistic Business Advisor! 

A little of what you can expect from the community:

  • Receive the support and accountability you need to transform limiting beliefs and fears into action steps you can take so that you show up confidently in your business
  • You'll have an opportunity to participate in accountability yoga so that you can start your days with the peace and mental clarity you need to show up in your business less overwhelmed
  • Attend live weekly Q+As so that you don't have to lone-wolf it anymore! Get valuable tips, tricks, and insights that you can put into action together and grow alongside one another

Curious and Want To Learn More? 🤔

I have gained so many insights from my work with Psilocybin, both in personal development AND in business!

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  • Group Alignment Activities - Stay Accountable!

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    - Alternative Medicine Benefit Live Discussions

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As your personal advisor, I understand the challenges and pressures that come with balancing business ownership and personal well-being, and I'm here to provide the guidance and support you need to thrive.

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My approach to growth and transformation is holistic and alternative; incorporating elements of alternative medicine and holistic remedies. I'm looking for clients who are open to new ideas and ways of thinking, and who are willing to explore alternative paths to success.

Willingness To

Embrace Change

Our breakthrough sessions are designed to help you identify your unique obstacles and develop strategies for success. I'm looking for clients who are willing to embrace change and take bold, courageous action to achieve their goals.

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From self-care and branding to marketing and web design, my community is here to benefit you as you thrive. That's why I'm committed to providing you with the tools and resources needed to achieve your goals and create a life you LOVE.

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