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"We don't rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems."

  • Get crystal clear on how much your time is worth and build a schedule that secures it
  • Create a strong marketing plan that presents you to your dream customers in the BEST possible light
  • Overcome the limiting, fear-driven beliefs that are holding you back from creating a life you deserve
  • Give up your years of lone-wolfing ways and embrace the support of a community that values Collaboration > Competition

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In The Balanced Business Network™ you’ll gain the knowledge and support you need to turn your dreams into tangible reality

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In The Next 12 Months, You Could... 💭

  • Change lives and create a bigger impact
  • Achieve financial freedom & create a flexible schedule
  • Give back to the planet through purpose-based business
  • Discover business & sales strategies based in authenticity, integrity & love
  • Get a message out with community & mentorship support

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The Balanced Business Network™


Magnetize a Movement of Clients Who Are Waiting For You

You're in the right place if:

  • You’re just starting out in your business & you’re ready to reach your clients & make a big difference
  • You have just a few clients & ready to grow!
  • You’re unclear what your message is or what you’re selling
  • It’s time to transition out of a J-O-B
  • You are ready to change lives as a mentor while creating a sustainable income for years to come!


A Bit About The Program...

Brand & Marketing Strategy Support

Wondering if it's time to protect your intellectual property? Need insights on how to build a marketing funnel? This is the exclusive subgroup for all things branding and marketing

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing and Copywriting
  • Brand Strategy and Audience Messaging
  • General Business Tips and Insights

Website Creation & Management Support

Want to add animations to your site to keep fresh? Need to know how to set up a dynamic page? This is the exclusive subgroup for all things website related

  • Kajabi
  • Wix
  • Canva
  • Now Site

Video Editing and General Tech Support

Ready to start your Youtube Channel? Want to save money and learn the shortcuts you NEED to edit your own videos? This is the exclusive subgroup for all things video editing and technical support.

  • Tips and tricks for Reels, shorts, and Social Media edits
  • Tips and tricks to start and grow your Youtube Channel
  • General Tech Support Q&A: To include how to use new AI software

Prioritize Your Self-Care

Feeling the tug of burnout? Not sure how to make time to prioritize your mental health and physical wellbeing? This is the exclusive subgroup for all things self-care related to help you show up as the best possible you!

  • Daily Quote of the Day Motivation
  • Gratitude Accountability Challenges
  • Tips to improve mood and cognitive function
  • Tips to improve sleep 

Weekly Accountability Yoga Sessions

We all know we NEED to stretch or at least walk every day but sometimes life gets in the way. Stay Consistent and Accountable this time around!

  • Morning Accountability Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 am EST
  • Family Accountability Yoga on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm EST

That's right! Bring the spouse, bring the kiddos, and let's stretch together!

Magic Mondays @ 8:00 pm EST

Let's make Mondays more magical!

  • Let’s celebrate your Monday productivity wins and end the day reflecting on the GOOD
  • Learn tips to make your marketing more magnetizing
  • If you have questions about magic mushrooms and how they can benefit you as a business owner - bring those too!

Access To My DIY Guide To Success

When I started my business, I didn't have a clear path and plan for the steps involved. As a result of my journey, I decided that I didn't want aspiring entrepreneurs to go through what I went through in pursuit of my entrepreneurial dreams, so I created a guide to success

  • Ensure your business is administratively setup correctly
  • Receive Graphic Designer insights on logo creation and brnding
  • Build a Wix website from scratch
  • Create a free online digital business card that doubles as a conversation starter
  • And so much more!

This Community Is For You If You Are...

  •  Willing to Embrace Change
  • Open-Minded
  • Disciplined + Committed to Your Success

I'm Diamond 🙂

and I’m a business advisor. What sets me apart from other business advisors is that I’ve built a community that prioritizes self-care, just as much as business growth and success.

I empower passion-driven service-based solopreneurs struggling to gain exposure for their businesses and incorporate the latest technology into their marketing. Oftentimes, my clients are also up against mindset challenges rooted in fear and overwhelm, maybe even a little bit of imposter syndrome.

By partnering with me, my clients can dive deep into their unique challenges to receive personalized support that empowers them to feel more knowledgeable, confident, and ready to take action to grow businesses they’re passionate about. 

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The Balanced Business Network

Course Only


One time fee

  • Setting up your EIN
  • Registering your business as an LLC
  • Building your brand
  • Designing your website 
  • 3 Creative software paths (I show you how to use Adobe, Adobe Express, and Canva)
  • Establishing an online presence 
  • Creating a digital business card
  • Networking and growing your business within intimate small business communities

*Note: Access to Course Material Expires 365 days after purchase.



I Just Want The Info!

12-Month Program

Best for those who want/ are in need of more support and accountability

  • Personal Support
  • Group Support

    - Brand Strategy & Marketing Support
    - Website Support (Wix & Kajabi)
    - Video Editing & Tech Support
    - Accountability Yoga (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
    - Alternative Medicine Benefit Live Discussions

  • Access to my DIY Guide To Success
  • Access to Balanced Business Network Templates + Business Resource Workbooks & Handouts

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