Ready for me to channel your chart and decode your unique Human Design?

Human Design is the science of differentiation. How cool is that? A system that is essentially here to celebrate our individuality and uniqueness!

Understanding your Human Design can have a profound impact on your life and for many people it’s the validation they need to change their life in a meaningful & impactful way.

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Ready to embrace your uniqueness?


I use my intuitive gifts and deep knowledge of Human Design in a practical & empowering way to share the wisdom of your chart. 

I’ll pinpoint your inherent gifts and strengths so you can be reminded of the magic that makes you uniquely you. 

I’ll also bring awareness to your patterns of conditioning so that you can break-through your limitations that might be holding you back. This is where the ‘aha’ moments come from.


Here's what's included:


  • 1 x 30-min live Human Design Reading (via Zoom) and a video and audio of the recording. 

  •  Type: Your aura, gifts, personality characteristics and potential challenges.

  •  Strategy: The way you are designed to work with the most ease and success

  •  Authority: Your unique way of making aligned decisions

  •  Defined & Undefined Energy Centres: Your consistent energy that radiates out to the world and where you take energy from others and amplify it

  •  Profile: Your role in life, and also your way of learning and teaching


Who is this reading for?

This is for you if you've just discovered Human Design or if have been experimenting with your strategy and authority for a while and want to explore the nuances of your chart in more detail. I’ll meet you exactly where you are at in your knowledge.

My Human Design readings are intuitive and practical so you’ll walk away with both my intuitive insights and how to practically experiment with your design in your life.

Ready to explore and uncover the magic & wisdom of your unique Human Design?

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