Resilience. Personal Growth. Purpose.


Signature Workshop Titles:

  • Mindful Management: Integrating Self-Awareness for Effective Leadership
  • Innovative Approaches to Employee Well-Being: Transforming Corporate Culture with Human Design
  • From Stress to Success: Cultivating Resilience in the Workplace
  • Psychedelic Integration: Embodying Insights Through Human Design and Gene Keys
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Signature Workshop Objectives:

  • Mindful Management: Integrating Self-Awareness for Effective Leadership

    • Key Objective: To equip leaders with the tools and insights needed to cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness in their leadership approach, fostering greater empathy, communication, and decision-making skills for effective team management.

  • Innovative Approaches to Employee Well-Being: Transforming Corporate Culture with Human Design
    • Key Objective: To introduce participants to the principles of human design and demonstrate how integrating this innovative approach into corporate culture can enhance employee well-being, foster a sense of belonging, and improve overall organizational performance.

  • From Stress to Success: Cultivating Resilience in the Workplace
    • Key Objective: To provide practical strategies and techniques for building resilience and managing stress in the workplace, empowering participants to navigate challenges with resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success.

  • Psychedelic Integration: Embodying Insights Through Human Design and Gene Keys
    • Key Objective: To guide participants in understanding the role of human design and Gene Keys in the integration process following psychedelic experiences, empowering them to embody and apply insights gained for holistic personal transformation and growth.
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My Approach:

- Intuitive Healing: Guiding participants to trust their inner voice over external pressures.

- Empowerment Tools: Implementing strategies for deeper self-awareness and intuition mastery.

- Authentic Success: Encouraging participants to find joy and authenticity in their day to day professional practices.

How I Engage:

Through a mix of self-reflection exercises, assessments, and visualization techniques, attendees will actively explore their inner landscapes. Additionally, I foster group participation through empathy circles, gratitude journaling, and energy audits, ensuring every individual feels seen and heard. These immersive experiences will create a supportive environment for deep exploration and personal growth.


Learners will leave the session with enhanced self-awareness, equipped to distinguish between their true selves and conditioned thoughts. Empowered by a newfound understanding of limitless thinking, they'll break free from constraints imposed by external conditioning. Armed with practical tools, they'll make authentic decisions, leading to greater happiness and alignment in both personal and professional spheres.

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Speaker Bio

Diamond Drip is a dynamic speaker and former Air Force member with a commander's coin for outstanding service, demonstrating her commitment to excellence and leadership. Diamond has been featured on KQED radio and in numerous publications, including a full spread article on the benefits of psilocybin on mental health. Her advocacy work has led to collaborations with prestigious institutions such as Oxford University and the OPEN Foundation, where she contributes her expertise on the long-term effects of psilocybin-assisted therapy.


Diamond's passion for mental health and mindset has earned her speaking opportunities on prominent stages, including the Leadership Experience Tour and Tap-In magazine cover feature. She has also been a guest on various podcasts, sharing her insights on overcoming adversity and cultivating resilience.

Her passion for empowering others extends to speaking engagements with high school students, community events, and corporate spaces where she inspires audiences to embrace authenticity and pursue their passions.

Advantages of Human Design

Why Human Design over other personality assessment tools?

  •  Cost-Effective: Participants only need their date, time, and place of birth, eliminating the need for expensive assessments or software.
  • Accessibility: Human design offers a simple and accessible framework for understanding personal energy dynamics, making it suitable for individuals at all levels within an organization.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Unlike traditional assessments, human design provides a holistic understanding of an individual's energy type, strategy, authority, profile, and not-self theme, offering deeper insights into behavior and decision-making patterns.
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Current Challenges with Traditional Assessments

What about DISC, Myers-Briggs, and StrengthsFinder?

  • High costs associated with assessments and specialized software.
  • Complex assessment processes requiring extensive time and resources.
  • Limited applicability and relevance to diverse workplace environments
  • Can be inaccurate due to life events/ current trauma state at the time of assessment
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Past Appearances:

The Bottom Line

Human Design has HUGE potential to enhance workplace dynamics

  • Improve communication and collaboration among team members by fostering greater self-awareness and understanding of others' energy dynamics.
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness by aligning personal strengths and talents with organizational objectives.
  • Mitigate workplace conflicts and stress by identifying and addressing individual energy imbalances.
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Spiritual Growth Coach, Intuitive Business Healer, and Mental Health Advocate

Direct Line: (443) 995-3250