This is a deep dive into your unique business strengths & gifts through the lens of Human Design.

In the Zone of Genius Business x Design Reading, I'll look at your Human Design chart to see how your energy wants to be expressed in your career or business. This involves deep analysis of your BodyGraph chart to uncover your unique energetic design and how that can be applied to your business.

I’ll look at specific gates and planetary placements in your design to illuminate your gifts & strengths and to also pinpoint what’s been holding you back from reaching your next level.

We’ll look at areas of your business/career such as: your brand/life’s work, your ideal clients & how you help them, your ideal business model, your unique genius, your energetic working style (aka productivity), and more.

Who's this reading for?

Zone of Genius Business x Design Reading

This is for you if you're fed up with cookie-cutter business strategies that feel icky and haven't led to your desired results and you're ready to do things in a way that feels more aligned and more authentically YOU! 


** You'll need a foundational understanding of Human Design before booking in for a Zone of Genius Business x Design Reading.


Here's what's included:


  • 1 x 90-min 1:1 live call (via Zoom), a recording of the video and audio sent to you afterwards

  •  Your Ideal Business Model: are you best suited to being a solo entrepreneur, business partnership, working in a small team or a larger company?

  • Your Genius: I'll share my insights about your superpowers in business so that you own what makes you unique and powerful

  • Your Brand: This is your life's work and what you are here to express and to shine a light on

  • Your Ideal Client: Discover who you are designed to work with so that you start to attract your soul-aligned clients

  • Your Energetic Working Style: How you are designed to work most productively, efficiently and most naturally to you so that feel more energized. 

Let's uncover your Human Design magic in business!

 Afterward a Zone of Genius Business x Design Reading you'll have clarity & confidence in your gifts so that you can activate your strengths and make more empowered and profitable decisions.