Legal Shield Decoded: Transformative Tips for Entrepreneurs

Season #2

Have you ever heard of LegalShield? As a mompreneur, I deem it to be an absolute necessity! If you haven't heard of it before, its pretty much like having a lawyer on retainer for legal questions. You can simply make an appointment with any time a legal matter comes up. You pay a small monthly fee for access to this service. We dive into the importance of LegalShield and a few tips if you think you might like to become an associate yourself. Take a listen to get the full scoop! 💙 Are you using your energy efficiently? Do you know your energy type? Head to to download your free Human Design Cheat Sheet to help you decode your energy type, strategy, and authority. 💙 About my guest: Sheryl Scott is an Independent LegalShield Associate who protects and empowers small businesses and families in the US and Canada by making access to legal services simpler, easier, and more affordable. With a passion for helping people succeed, in-depth knowledge of LegalShield’s services, and an entire network of Law Firms behind her, she is on a mission to protect and empower as many people and small businesses as possible.